Calibur11 Base Vault Urban Blue Xbox 360

Calibur11 Base Vault Urban Blue Xbox 360


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Calibur11 Base Vault Urban Blue Xbox 360

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Calibur11 has created an innovative vault design to armor up your console. With the base vault you get not only great industrial protection and optimized ventilation, but have the opportunity to turn your console into a three dimensional masterpieces.

The base vault consists of one industrial foot chassis, which elevates your console, providing support and better air flow for cooling. Left and right main body panels feature multi-access ports for complete customization. It also features two vault gear locking mechanisms, which crown the body panels to your console.


  •       Urban Blue
  •       Increased Airflow
  •       Better Console Stability
  •       Compatible with all Calibur11 Vault Accessories
  •       Does Not Void Your Xbox 360 Slim Factory Warranty
  •       Xbox 360 Slim Sold Separately


  •       Width: 2.95" (270mm)
  •       Height: 10.6" (75mm)
  •       Depth: 10.39" (264mm)