Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Complete Edition Game (Classics) Xbox 360

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Complete Edition Game (Classics) Xbox 360


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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Complete Edition Game (Classics) Xbox 360

Tom Clancy's rainbowsix vegas 2 complete edition.


  • Fan pack.
  • 3 additional maps
  • New game options
  • New ranks and A.C.E.S.

FuFull PEC Experience: A greatly improved PEC experience – your character evolves online and offline, in both single-player and multiplayer modes.
Terrorist Leaders are now a strategic target for Rainbow – leaders control respawns, so when you take out the leaders, enemies can no longer respawn.
Terrorists Enemies have a wider variety of reactions and use ballistic shields.
Team Rainbow Can use the Leap-frogging technique for safely approaching an area defended by an opposing force. Teammates cover each other successively when they move forward.
Up to 16 players (360) and 14 players (PS3)r> Two-player split-screen mode
13 maps for co-op and adversarial play Including three maps from R6 Vegas, revamped maps from R6 Raven Shield and all-new maps
All-new co-op experience. Co-op story mode, Jump-in-jump-out mode and Co-op terrorist hunt.
New adversarial modes:
Demolition – Attackers plant an explosive device at one of two predetermined locations and protect the bomb until it explodes
Team Leader – Teams must keep their leader alive while they escort him to the extraction point while preventing the enemy from extracting their own leader