The Last Remnant Game Xbox 360

The Last Remnant Game Xbox 360


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The Last Remnant Game Xbox 360

The Last Remnant is a brand-new adventure from Square Enix. Benefiting from the finest creative talent and the latest technological advances, it is set to raise the bar in next-gen gaming. With graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3 and an innovative battle system, The Last Remnant's simultaneous worldwide release will mark the beginning of a new era for Square Enix.

Brainchild of the team that brought you the Final Fantasy and SaGa series, The Last Remnant delivers a thrilling gameplay experience enriched by stunning graphics, a moving narrative and some unbelievably big battles!

In ancient times, mysterious artefacts referred to as Remnants were discovered all over the world. Offering incredible power, they soon came into the hands of the covetous few, and thus was the world's delicate equilibrium shattered. The people were divided into those who ruled and those who were ruled over. War was inevitable. Our story begins a thousand years later…

Rush lives with his sister Irina on secluded Eulam Island, a place far removed from the ceaseless battle for control over the Remnants which rages on the mainland. However, his peaceful life is shattered one day when he witnesses his sister's abduction by a mysterious group of soldiers. He immediately sets off after them, ill-prepared for the evils of the outside world but determined to find his sister at any cost.

March To War Set:

  • Boost your tactical strength with this pack of three formations.
  • Scatterswarm – Sacrifices defence to improve attack of left flank and mystic attack of right.
  • Goblet – Improves attack of lead ranks, but reduces defence of flanks. Effective versus avian fiends.
  • Catapult – Improves of mystic attack of back ranks, but reduces attack and defence of lead ranks.

Game features:

  • Cutting-Edge Adventure – Developed to take advantage of the latest advances in hardware, The Last Remnant features groundbreaking visuals and bombastic sound. With the might of Unreal Engine 3, Square Enix's legendary production values have been taken to the next level.
  • A World Filled With Remnants – The dynamic game world revolves around the awe-inspiring Remnants. They vary in size and shape and it is said that there are thousands or even millions to be discovered. Each Remnant contains a unique power that affects the abilities of those around it – but the powers of many Remnants remain unknown.
  • Huge Battles – The game's innovative command system allows 70 units to engage in a bloody and balletic battle to the death. In the midst of the carnage, with visceral finishing blows landing left and right, players will experience the exhilaration of a soldier on the battlefield.
  • Captivating Narrative – First class writing is complemented by top quality vocal talent and direction, delivering spectacular drama which fully immerses you in the world of the Remnants.
  • Made For The World – The Last Remnant will be released simultaneously worldwide, demonstrating Square Enix's commitment to gamers across the globe. As befits a game made to be enjoyed by everyone, the birth of Square Enix's newest series is set to be a global event.